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Choice has been working on different legal cases and personal and business advice while we root our vision in a small but powerful and young and active law firm as we work and learn hard through our experiences.

Choice listens to clients and tries the best to understand and meet their needs. We believe in the importance of the growth of performance instead of the size of our law firm.

We pursue bigger goals by committing to our mission, “we make it happen,” and value the basics of a law firm. We strive to become a hub and a window connecting the world with our customers.

Attorney·Patent Attorney·Tax Accountant

Hyun-Yoon Choi


Hyo-Jang Jin

Manager, Registration and Visa

Hyun-Jung An

Team Leader, Company and personal consulting

Dong-Hyun Kim

Domestic Partnership Experts ​


Jae-Chun Cho

Nam-Kyu Kang

Ji-Won Moon

Seung-Ku Kang

Hyuk-Soo Noh

Tax Accountants

Se-Young Choi

Chang-Hyun Park

Duk-Hee Cho

Patent Attorney

Jong-Pil Kim

Jin-Kyu Kim

Administrative Lawyer

Geon-Han Lee


Business·Real Estate Litigation and Advice​

Business: Business is the area where the best business options must be derived preemptively and proactively within the range of actions that comply with relevant laws. Choice is experienced in long-term and short-term advice for a number of businesses and business owners, including advice on fair trade law, antitrust law, and listed company M&A. Choice reacts and communicates with our clients with confidentiality for reviews of legal cases and advice requests. We search for experts optimized for individual issues and ask for their advice in detail, and, if necessary, assign a project team to cooperate. Confidentiality is kept throughout the entire work process.

Real-Estate: Real estate-related legal disputes occur frequently. Real estate is an important asset. It is essential to have support from legal experts with a great understanding of the complex structure of procedures and practitioners with management experiences for smooth resolutions. Choice meticulously handles all disputes related to contracts, names, claims for exclusion/removal of infringement, construction-related lawsuits, cadastral register organization, preservation measures (foreclosures and seize), and registration.

Foreigner/Company Litigation and Advice

Choice take care of all the procedures that take to resolve internal and external issues arising during legal cases, review of marketability, establishment of a domestic corporation, review and consultation of legal risks that frequently occur during the process of developing business, business registration, visa issuance, taxation, and etc. Choice has been conducting individual legal cases and consulting for a number of foreign nationals (individual, corporates) clients, and lawyers and staff with legal knowledge have been providing direct consultation and advisory services in English and Japanese.

General Litigation Cases (Civil, domestic, criminal, administrative)

The law firm, Choice’s initial intention centers in an attitude that listens to the clients carefully, explains and shares expected direction and procedure in detail, and continuously seeks out a solution.

International tax

In international transactions in which one or both parties are non-residents or foreign corporations, the area of international taxation involves taxation problems in more than two countries. It may cause a risk that the profits already secured by individuals and corporates reduce in an unexpected form. It also may impact the possibility of the continued development of a corporate entity. Therefore, the realm of international tax cannot be simply overlooked. Based on the interpretation of the applicable law and the status of residents, Choice reviews the comprehensive perspectives of the determination of tax obligations in individual in specific situations, as well as the taxation status of individual countries and tax treaties and agreements between countries, to advice with the best economic and legal solutions.

Foreign investment

In the era of expansion of globalizing and internationalizing, human resource and capital movement between countries become more significant. Choice works with experts inside and outside of the country in partnership to gather legal knowledge and market information of each country tailored to customer needs.

Inheritance and Trust

Inheritance and trust are legal issues that react quickly to the need for advanced preparation in Korea, where planning for the aging era is necessary. Inheritance is a significant way to plan for retirement and life. Civil trust is becoming an effective method to avoid the rigidity of the standardized inheritance law. Choice has developed expertise in handling many domestic inheritance cases as well as international Inheritance cases including Koreans in Japan with properties. Choice actively supports clients’ planning and implementation by reviewing related issues such as law and tax comprehensively.

We are dedicated to be your legal partner for your business, VISA, and house affairs. 


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