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Business·Real Estate Litigation and Advice

Choice provide regular and temporary advice to many foreign (Japanese) companies and private businesses. We advise on the Korea Fair Trade Act/Monopoly Regulation Act, M&A advice for listed Korean companies, Korea Privacy Act or Information Network Act, Korea Labor Standards Act and Labor Rules, Labor Relations, Korea Consumer Protection Act Review, Refund Policy Issues, Contracts with Korean Companies. We carry out all legal services related to real estate such as disputes over sales/lease contracts in Korea, real estate delivery, infringement exclusion and removal claims, building lawsuits in Korea, cadastral record settlement, preservation disposition (appropriation and seizure), and Korean real estate registration. In addition, we provide "Finding Ancestral Land Service" for Koreans in Japan with our own data through various practical experiences.

Foreigner·Foreign Company (Japanese in Korea) Litigation and Advice

Choice has specialized in the agenda of foreigners (Japanese) and foreign companies since its establishment. Counseling and consultation will be conducted in English and Japanese directly by lawyer and staff with legal knowledge. We conduct internal and external settlement of all legal cases in the international transaction process, as well as review and consultation on legal risks that arise frequently in the process of entering the market, including marketability review in Korea and establishing a Korean corporation. Specifically, we handle the entire process, including commercial registration of foreign investment corporations in Korea, visa issuance of Japanese executives, reporting the small rate of Korean VAT, corporate tax, income tax, Japanese consumption tax, and bankruptcy of foreign investment corporations.

General lawsuits (civil, household, criminal, administrative) and enforcement in Korea.

Choice has a lot of experience in conducting various general lawsuits conducted by foreigners or foreign companies in Korea. ① Civil litigation: Collection of unpaid goods, damages due to illegal activities, lawsuits for unfair destruction of contracts or disputes after the end of contracts, etc. ② Family litigation: cases related to Korean spouses, claims for child support, compulsory recognition, mediation, etc. ③ Criminal proceedings: a complaint and a statement on Korean-related fraud, embezzlement, sex crimes, defamation charges and other criminal proceedings. ④ Administrative proceedings: visa issuance, visa extension and visa renewal in Korea, and revocation litigation for rejection. In addition to litigation, Choice comprehensively reviews the preparation of the pre-litigation stage, payment orders, and forced execution under Korean law, including the seizure and collection of Korean/Korean company bonds after the lawsuit ends. The lawyer's office, located in Gwanghwamun, central Seoul, responds quickly and accurately to cases in all parts of the country, including Seoul Central District Court, Seoul Family Court, Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office and Immigration Office, which mainly have jurisdiction over foreign cases.

International Taxation

Choice has a network of experts with extensive experience in international tax issues. We review various and complex international transactions to provide clients with appropriate advice on the most reasonable tax response, tax reduction plans, and respond to domestic and foreign tax authorities' investigation of business procedures and dispute resolution. We provide comprehensive international tax advice on foreign-related transactions of Korean companies, as well as foreign-invested companies that have invested in Korea, and are expanding their exchange and work experience with experts around the world. Major issues include double taxation for non-residents or foreign-invested company relocation price issues under the Korea-Japan Tax Agreement, post-tax dissatisfaction procedures(Objections to the head of the tax office or the head of the local tax office, requests for examination by the head of the Korea Tax Service or the Board of Audit and Inspection, requests for judgment to the Korea Tax Tribunal, administrative litigation to the court, etc.) in Korea.

Overseas investment advice in Asia, including Korea, Japan, and China

Choice pursues bigger goals by committing to our mission, “we make it happen,” and value the basics of a law firm. We strive to become a hub and a window connecting the world with our customers. Korean lawyers, Korean patent attorneys, and Korean tax accountants who speak English and Japanese are collaborating with experts from all over the world. We advise on real estate investment in South Korea, Japan, and China (field survey and profitability review, financing consulting, profitable building contract review), buying and selling virtual currency in South Korea, and responding to North Korean investment legislation or information in English and Japanese.

International inheritance, Family Trust, Family Business Succession

Inheritance and trust are legal issues that react quickly to the need for advanced preparation in Korea, where planning for the aging era is necessary. Inheritance is a significant way to plan for retirement and life. Civil trust is becoming an effective method to avoid the rigidity of the standardized inheritance law. Choice has developed expertise in handling many domestic inheritance cases as well as international Inheritance cases including Korean-Japanese and Korean-American with properties. We have developed our expertise by conducting claims for a legal portion of an heir, claims for share of inheritance, claims for contributory portion, and lawsuit to request the recovery of inheritance. Choice will review legal and tax issues comprehensively and actively support client planning and realization.

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